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    Shooting From the Lip: Best of 2019

    Shooting from the Lip
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    We look back on the best of Shooting from the Lip so far this year, highlighting some of the best guests with clips from the most provocative and challenging episodes of the show.

    Starting with the always controversial James Dellingpole. The Journalist and Podcaster wastes no time in declaring that “Michael Gove is not a coke head and not the sort of person who indulges in drugs.” He then goes on to claim that the prominent conservative politician was “set up by the mainstream media.”

    Then David Kurten who gives his unfiltered opinion on the difference between the Brexit Party and UKIP as well as his views on the City of London from his position on the London Assembly.

    We then revisit Jon’s interview with Research Economist Godfrey Bloom. The two discussed the process of proroguing parliament and the implications of bringing the Queen into the political fold. Bloom goes on to state: “Boris must not blink he has all the cards and the country behind him.”

    Member of the European Parliament Nathan Gill shares his firsthand experience of being in parliament with Jon, the two discuss the lack of respect for Brexit supporting MEPs and the general disdain for the UK at the European parliament.

    Finally we highlight John’s interview with political hotshot and former UKIP advisor Raheem Kassam. The US politics expert believes that Nigel Farage would make a brilliant US ambassador and says that his relationship with Trump is very close, “the conversations are very regular and Trump uses Nigel as a sounding board to understand what is going on not only in Britain but in the European Union as a whole…he knows Nigel is the man to trust philosophically on these issues.”

    This is a sensational episode and a perfect refresher for the year so far. Don’t miss it.

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