16:42 GMT02 December 2020
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    The EU Wants Our Money and Will Not Let Us Leave!

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Nathan Gill MEP is Jon Gaunt’s special guest on Shooting from the Lip this week and he gives the lowdown on Brexit direct from the EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

    Nathan states that the EU chamber was practically empty in what was “the most important debate of the period about the UK leaving the EU".

    He also accuses the debate of being biased and said that “he had to sit there [and] listen to them deriding our country and our prime minister and criticising the British people".

    He accuses Guy Verhofstadt of playing to the gallery and says that “Nigel Farage did warn the EU that if they didn’t let us leave he would come back and be even more of an irritant to them and that is what the Brexit Party tactics were all about this week in the parliament".

    Nathan says that he “knows we are going to leave but not when".

    He believes that “Boris is under incredible pressure, being attacked from all sides”, and that he was right to not take part in that press conference with Luxembourg's PM, saying that “of course it was a stitch up and it has backfired on the EU as the British love an underdog!” adding “it was an insult to us all.”

    He states that Bercow and his actions are “shameful… he is a rabid Remainer and he has used his office shamefully to stop our Brexit".

    He believes that the EU will offer an extension as “they want our money and want us never to leave”.

    “Corbyn is the weakest opposition leader in history, Corbyn is a disgrace, let’s face facts, he is a Brexiteer but he hasn’t got the guts to stand up and say that”.

    Nathan says “it would be madness not to have an electoral pact between the Conservatives and the Brexit Party.

    “People are giving Boris the benefit of the doubt, but if he does not deliver by 31 October, then the Brexit Party support will grow".

    This is a great episode with a man who was at the centre of the debate this week. Don’t miss it.

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