18:07 GMT27 November 2020
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    Corbyn Hasn't Got a Clue!

    Shooting from the Lip
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    In a week full of political twists and turns, it felt only right to turn the tables in this week’s episode of Shooting from the Lip. Jon Gaunt takes the hot seat and takes questions from Radio Sputnik’s Dan Rowell. As the two reflect on a week of Brexit shenanigans, Conservative betrayals and Jeremy Corbyn’s cowardice.

    Jon doesn’t pull any punches as he candidly shares his opinion on everything from Emily Thornberry’s humiliating appearance on Question time to the MSM’s attempt to pit the Prime Minister against his own flesh and blood.

    Jon shares his views on the bias presented in the UK journalism, especially the BBC, Channel Four and Sky News which he feels should face more scrutiny for their slanted broadcasts.

    Dan asks Jon about the legal cases against the Pro Rouging of parliament and the individuals who cannot and will not accept the results of the referendum. The conversation turns to the financiers of these expensive legal cases.

    Gaunt lets loose on Labour’s contradictory stance on Brexit and the mental gymnastics required to understand their views on Brexit.

    Jon condemns the politicization of the Queen as it is likely she will be dragged further into the political mud by the machinations in Westminster to derail a WTO terms Brexit.

    Jon concludes by sharing his concerns about Britain’s boarders under a Labour government. He states that they would ‘let anyone in’ including jihadi bride Shamima Begum and Jihadi Jack. He also advocates for a comprehensive update of the current Treason Laws.

    This is a must listen.

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