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    Nigel Farage Wants to Retire

    Shooting from the Lip
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    “What Nigel Farage really wants is to retire” according to his former advisor, Raheem Kassam, speaking exclusively to Jon Gaunt of this week’s episode of Shooting From the Lip. Kassam is incredibly well connected on both sides of the Atlantic to the major political thinkers on the right including Farage and Donald Trump so it is fascinating to get his views on the present political crisis facing the UK.

    Raheem still thinks that Nigel Farage would make a brilliant US ambassador and says that his relationship with Trump is very close, “the conversations are very regular and Trump uses Nigel as a sounding board to understand what is going on not only in Britain but in the European Union as a whole…he knows Nigel is the man to trust philosophically on these issues.”

    According to Raheem, Trump thinks that “Boris is using the conservative party to deliver Brexit” as he did with the Republican party to become President.

    However, Raheem states, “in reality Boris is using Brexit and the Conservative party for Boris.”

    He says, “the trade deal is basically done just ready and raring to be signed.”

    During this fascinating interview Raheem also explains the constitutional background to Boris Johnson’s proroguing of Parliament and says “it is a fantastic thing as Proroguing parliament was the only way forward to get this done.”

    However, he has, “deep concerns about Lynton Crosby, Dominic Cummings and Boris as they are incredibly crafty and conniving people… this could be a ‘fake out’, a warning to parliament, of don’t try and do a motion of no confidence or stop a no deal Brexit when Boris might have no real plans to carry out the suspension.”

    He warns “if you thought the last three years have been messy you ain't seen nothing yet the next 30 days are going to be the messiest you’ve ever seen. But as Winston Churchill said if you’re going through hell, keep going.”

    Raheem talks about the recent attempts to ban him visiting Australia and his fourth ban on Facebook.

    He firmly believes that there is a concerted attack on right of centre thinkers and spokespeople on Social media. He describes his ban as “a purely politically motivated thing” because of his reach and influence.

    Don’t miss this episode.

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