22:08 GMT27 October 2020
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    Boris Must Return to Traditional Conservatism

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Economist and leading Brexiteer Godfrey Bloom is Jon Gaunt’s guest this week and he wastes no time in Shooting from the Lip. He dismisses John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn’s threat to derail any Brexit deal proposed by Boris asking whether they “have been on the wacky baccy at the Edinburgh Fringe.”

    He says that, “the Queen will not see Corbyn, there is no constitutional requirement to see a joker like those comedians.”

    He dismisses people like Dominic Grieve as, “Fifth columnists” and says people like him will be booted out at the next General election.

    “Boris must not blink he has all the cards and the country behind him and he must get on and do it”

    He believes that once we are out of the EU, then within weeks the EU will come under massive pressure from their large manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes demanding a deal with the UK, so we will get the deal then.

    He believes that the Brexit party are no longer needed because of the “Boris Factor” and that his old Brussels flatmate, Nigel Farage should not be US ambassador. However he feels there is a role for Nigel to play on any trade delegation and give him what “he has always craved, a peerage or Knighthood.”

    “Boris must return to traditional Conservatism with the Role of family, low taxation and regulation to free up the economy.”

    “Boris needs to get back to grassroots with proper policing not police prancing about in gay pride marches, how disgusting was that?”

    “I don’t want another 20 thousand politically correct common purpose nutcases all the decent Police have left.”

    Godfrey also wants the criminal justice system reformed. He wants less people sent to prison for low level crimes but wants a three strikes and you’re out rule for serial serious offenders.

    He also calls for drug reform and decriminalising or even legalising off all drugs which he says will reduce violent knife crime.

    This is a blistering interview which will outage, entertain and even offend you in places but it is a man speaking from the heart and love him or loathe him he will get you talking.

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