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    A Pact With Farage is the Only Way Boris Can Win an Election

    Shooting from the Lip
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    If you think a Boris Britain is so bad you should just leave! So says ex-MEP Steven Woolfe who is an excellent guest for Jon Gaunt, on this week’s edition of Shooting from the Lip in this massive week in UK politics.

    Steven Woolfe shares Boris Johnson’s optimism and says “we couldn’t have a had a worse PM than May with a remainer cabinet, a remainer House of Lords and a remainer MSM.”

    But now these people, "are almost crying that we now have a Brexiteer in charge they are acting as if it is the death of Democracy. But it is the opposite."

    Whilst supporting Boris, Steven believes that he should make a pact with Nigel Farage as "a coalition or pact is only way Boris can win an election."

    Steven believes that, "In the background I guarantee these conversations are going on between the Tories and the Brexit Party."

    Woolfe also believes that, "If Boris does not deliver Brexit before an election and doesn’t have a pact with Nigel there is a very real possibility that Corbyn could get into power with the Lib Dems.”

    Steven also thinks that Nigel Farage would be an excellent USA Ambassador saying, “I think it would be a very positive move to have someone who knows how to talk to the President and has numerous contacts with senators over there.”

    Steven loves the appointment of Priti Patel. "She is a great choice”, "she is impressive, strong thoughtful intelligent, the sort of individual you need behind you when you are taking tough decisions.”

    He also approves of Sajid Javid who he says is “like myself comes from a working-class estate and went into the city and then politics.” He also believes that Javid’s “natural instinct is smaller Government, less taxation and will he encourage trade, a great appointment.”

    On Dominic Cummings he signals a word of caution saying, “He is one of those individuals who was behind vote leave, he is a key Brexiteer who has been attacked since the referendum but there was no love lost between him and UKIP and Farage.”

    He attacks the bias against Boris from the MSM, Brown, Major and Blair and say they are just pessimists.

    He cites Yasmine Alibhai-Brown as one of the worst culprits saying, “She has divided the nation on race and I am appalled the way people like her and the Labour Party have divided the country and as a mixed-race person I believe the language she uses is deeply insulting. She has led the division in this country.”

    He ends the interview saying, “If you think this country is so terrible and you said you would leave if Boris was elected then you should go and where you go I don’t care, but stop being so divisive in your language and stop creating the framework of hatred just leave.”

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