09:15 GMT08 March 2021
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    The Media Have No Mercy for Boris

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Historian and Terrorism expert Mike Yardley is Jon Gaunt’s guest this week on Shooting From the Lip. Mike has plenty to say on the Ambassador row, Trump, anti-Semitism and the Tory Leadership race.

    Mike Yardley attacks the BBC saying, “I am amazed at the amount of flak Boris is getting from the MSM over the Ambassador row…the media have no mercy for him because he is not a liberal or progressive in the BBC’s eyes”.

    Mike believes we are living in really interesting times where Politics is being re-aligned and think that “if Boris becomes leader then Farage’s influence will fall.”

    He believes that the attacks on Boris, Farage and Corbyn are really being fuelled by the BBC and the MSM wanting a more Blairite type leader in power who will push their Common Purpose/Cultural Marxism agenda.

    He accuses “the BBC and Sky News of being biased on Brexit, Biased on Farage, on Trump and indeed Boris.”

    “Our democracy has been raped” he declares on Brexit as Parliament has not acted properly and acted on the instruction of the people, that is created a political crisis and if Boris was to suspend Parliament that could be justified.

    This a very controversial episode and will surely get you talking and arguing.

    This is exactly what Shooting from the Lip is all about, people with strong views being given the opportunity to expand on them. Don’t miss it.

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