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    Mayor Khan Just Doesn’t Deliver

    Shooting from the Lip
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    New Brexit Party MEP, Lance Forman who described himself as Ken Livingstone’s worst nightmare during the build-up to the London Olympics wastes no time in criticising present Political leaders on all sides as he shoots from the lip with Jon Gaunt. Lance states that “I do believe that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite”

    Continuing he says, “Corbyn Is not fit to be PM. The reason I moved away from the Conservative party to the Brexit party was when Theresa May invited Corbyn into Number 10. I felt she gave him credibility of leadership and at that point I thought the Conservatives had become deranged.”

    On the Trump and Sadiq Khan row he is dismissive saying that it is like, “A couple of schoolkids playing in the background.”

    However, he does believe Trump is correct about Khan being responsible for the rising violent crime in the capital, “The fault for crime lies with Khan who, says it will take 20 years to sort out violent crime, that is washing your hands of it……. it is a question of priorities.”

    Lance also exclusively reveals to Jon the facts behind the daubing of a 30-foot Swastika on his building, “the media immediately assumed the attack was an anti-Semitic one.” However, Lance has had a phone call from those close to it who were horrified that people thought it was anti-Semitic when it was actually a statement on him joining the Brexit party and they didn’t know he was a Jew!

    “The intention was to attack me because I had joined the Brexit Party.”

    Lance blames the Politicians for the present toxic atmosphere over Brexit, “Parliament is not respecting the will of the people and if that is the case, how can you expect people to respect each other.”

    This leads to a climate where, “People throw around the word racist and fascist too easily and they devalue the power of the words.”

    “My dad is a Holocaust survivor from Poland who was put in a Siberian camp for 3 years, that is fascism and Nazism, so calling someone a fascist just because they don’t want to be in a Customs Union is ridiculous. People need to tone down the conversation.”

    He explains his reaction on his first visit to the EU Parliament as a MEP as, “A weird experience going to Brussels it was like a horror movie. You are invited in to a room and you have these rather attractive hostess, almost seductively welcoming you and then the door shuts behind you.”

    “You can see how people get sucked into this world with basically the commission bribing all of these MEPS so why would they criticise the EU, they have this amazing lifestyle.”

    This is an explosive interview with one of the brightest stars of the new Brexit Party and you would be a fool to miss it, even if you don’t agree with a single word that Lance says!

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