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    Both UK Parties are Standing on the Precipice of Extinction

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jonny Gould is Jon Gaunt’s guest on this week’s edition of Shooting from the Lip. The radio and TV presenter and creator of the Jonny Gould Jewish State podcast loses no time in declaring that Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite and that George Galloway deserved to be sacked for his anti-Semitic tweets after Liverpool beat Tottenham.

    Jonny says, “it is clearer by the day that Corbyn is an anti —Semite and until he recognises that Israel is a sovereign state and has a right to exist he always will be.”

    He doesn’t stop there though, as he also accuses Owen Jones of being, “a secret racist, he presents himself as an ardent socialist but he doesn’t accept that Israel has a right to exist and that defines him as a racist in my mind.”

    He has much kinder words for Donald Trump saying, “Trump has played a blinder; the demos have been smaller but he is not a hawk like George W Bush.”

    “He threatens, he spends 700 billion on warfare and then uses it as a vehicle for peace.  All peace is created by a strong and determined right wing government just like in Israel…. I think he will be re-elected. He is not only a savvy media person but his track record will see him through, but of course he is divisive. But the American people are better off with Trump than Obama.”

    Jonny wants Sajid Javid to be the next PM but he also praises Nigel Farage saying, “he has played a blinder in setting up the party in such a professional manner with some good people on the front bench including Lance Forman.”

    “The candidates picked detoxify the myth that Farage is racist. It is not about immigration it is democracy, what a blinding thing to vote for.”

    This is a hard hitting and very opinionated podcast but also very entertaining and at the end very poignant as Jonny talks about how his family escaped fascism in 1939 by coming to the UK ending by saying,

    “The peace we enjoy now was hard fought and hard won and it should be sustained and supported in every piece of legislation.”

    “My family arrived in this country in 1939 and to that generation of men who allowed my family to share their peace I thank and honor and I find it very humbling. God Bless America and God bless the UK.”

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