11:19 GMT29 May 2020
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    Remainers Will Never Accept the Loss of Any Vote

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Newly elected Brexit Party MEP and ex-editor of Loaded Martin Daubney tells Jon Gaunt that he has never voted for Nigel Farage. However he says that, “I had some heart-breaking conversations with my parents and they said that they thought Brexit wasn’t going to happen in their lifetime and it made me cry; I just had to do something”.

    He says “he has been out there scrapping and fighting for every single vote and it has been an inspiring time”.

    Further, he states that, “People are sick of Westminster, sick of being treated like racists, like idiots, like xenophobes”.

    Martin tells Jon Gaunt that politics “is no longer left or right it, is right or wrong”.

    Daubney explains that, inspired by the Five Star movement in Italy, the party had decided to go over the heads of MSM. He firmly believes that they were fighting the MSM, as well as the other parties, saying that there was:

    “Particular venom from the MSM to our candidates, but it didn’t work, it actually increased our support, as members of the public also felt alienated and despised by the MSM and the press. So when we got attacked, it made them rally around the great British underdog and helped us”.

    He believes that “the old smear attack is dead”.

    He has very harsh words for Alastair Campbell, describing him as a “political corpse” and describes the speaker in the following way, “No greater figure than John Bercow illustrates our Parliament is anti-democratic: wrapped in ermine fur, sat in his velvet chair flicking his fingers at the people”.

    Martin states that the Brexit Party has its sights set on Westminster after the Peterborough by-election and outlines what the thinks their policy will be on the BBC, the House Of Lords and Hs2, calling it “a financial white elephant, George Osborne’s vanity project we have said we are dead against. It’s a dead duck”.

    He concludes the interview by stating, “We are a serious force to be reckoned with — in parts of the country we had 65 percent of support and we have got our sights set on the top”.

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