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    Theresa May Has Reduced the Conservative Party to Rubble

    Shooting from the Lip
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    "Theresa May has reduced the Conservative Party to rubble" states this week's guest, David Vance on Shooting from the Lip with Jon Gaunt. And the editor of Altnewsmedia.net doesn’t stop there as he then launches his verbal volleys into Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, and a whole host of establishment political figures.

    He believes that Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party "Might get 35 seats with the Tories’ on only a few. Brexit Party will do even better than UKIP in 2014".

    David thinks there is no need for a manifesto for the Brexit Party because, "there has been fundamental dishonesty in the body politic and that is why he will win so big, we are seeing something that is going to change the face of UK politics".

    He believes that "The likelihood of a WTO exit is much more likely now. The clean break exit is back on the table and this EU election was a second referendum".

    "We are beginning to see a Trump thing beginning to happen. The genius of Farage is that he has started the Brexit Party at the right time, right place".

    David has some very harsh words for the mainstream media and their part in the Brexit betrayal stating that, "MSM is a busted flush and no one listens to them anymore".

    He has no sympathy for Theresa May saying, "she will be remembered as the PM who became the undertaker of the Conservative Party".

    However, he thinks that “The problem is much deeper than May, the problem is the cabinet who have supported her, the spineless 1922 committee, and the 100 Tories who still support her".

    He adds that he thinks that even if Boris takes over, the Conservatives are still finished "they are all contaminated by this failure, they are toxic and divided amongst themselves".

    He concludes the interview by saying that, "It’s not just the demise of the Conservatives I want to see, I also want to see the demise of the toxic mainstream media".

    This is another cracking episode of Shooting from the Lip.

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