04:05 GMT05 June 2020
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    There is Anger and Rage at the Way Brexit Has Been Thrown Away

    Shooting from the Lip
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    “The establishment have created Nigel Farage because they have spat in the eye of ordinary people and Farage is just saying, I told you they would betray you and they are betraying you and that is attracting people.” So, says the Wolfman of Fleet Street, ex Tabloid editor, Neil Wallis in the latest edition of Shooting from the Lip with Jon Gaunt.

    Neil lays into the BBC and their treatment of Nigel Farage on the Marr show saying, “The BBC were not treating Farage and the Brexit party with the proper gravitas.”

    “They don’t talk to Chuka and Anna Sourby in this way. they treated Farage like a freak show.”

    Neil believes that “Politics now is about Brexit, about Leave or remain” and that the BBC have not kept up with this.

    Neil also has plenty to say about Danny Baker who is a “Lovely, lovely man I totally believe him that it was a mistake” and the Jeremy Kyle instant sacking saying that, “I am very wary about knee jerk reactions without waiting to see what the official verdict says” …. it “Makes you wonder if they just wanted an excuse to get rid of programme.”

    As a tabloid man to his core he also has plenty to say about the new social media oligarchs stating that “The social media giants are the new censors, they will decide what is acceptable, what is alt right, but these are the same people who quite happily put ISIS videos of beheading on line …. now they appointed themselves as moral arbitrators. Who appointed them?”

    This is a fascinating interview with a man who really understands the tabloid media and the new world of social media. Do not miss it.

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