03:45 GMT05 June 2020
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    Nobody in the Media Talks About Danger of the Left

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Security and Terrorism expert Mike Yardley is Jon Gaunt’s special guest on this week’s edition of Shooting From the Lip. Mike believes that we are living in dangerous political times and that, “Nobody in the media talks about the danger of the left.”

    He believes that, “there is a real danger on the left as they have infiltrated the Labour Party and so we could get a communist or Marxist Government and that is a far greater threat than Tommy Robinson.”

    On Greta Thunberg he states that, “She is odd looking and sounds like she is reading from a script…so my conclusion is she represents others we cannot see, maybe her parents or others.”

    “What’s extraordinary is the access she gets. We are led to believe this is all spontaneous?”

    He believes that Greta Thunberg just like Macron has emerged from nowhere and “I find the whole thing scary, the association in my mind is with Stalinist Russia and what happened in Germany…. there is evidence of a control agenda that is not being admitted.”

    Former Army Officer Mike believes that “We are not necessarily living in the democracy we thought we were when actually we are being controlled by a Global elite.”

    Mike also talks about the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka and believes that “ISIS has been defeated in Syria but are now looking for terror events to keep their “Brand” alive. So, they will always claim responsibility for any terror events but I also think there will be a big spectacular attack like 9/11 again.”

    However, he says, “The idea that this a revenge attack for Christchurch is naïve. I don’t think that explains it at all.”

    Mike also talks from his army experience about the New IRA, Nigel Farage and the Brexit party and the overwhelming power of the New Media Oligarchs.

    He concludes on a slightly more optimistic note saying, “People are angry that their voice is not being heard and therefore a more representative form of politics will emerge in the future.”

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