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    Everyone Wants Brexit Apart From the Establishment

    Shooting from the Lip
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    “I have said many times that we would never get Brexit and I was right. Everyone wants Brexit apart from the establishment who have the levers of power. We don’t count and they have made that very clear.” So, say’s UKIP founding member, Godfrey Bloom on this week’s Shooting from the Lip with Jon Gaunt.

    However, this turns out to be one of the least controversial things that he says in this rapid fire thirty-minute programme.

    He gives us the lowdown on the Batten/Farage split saying “they have never liked each other” and that “Nigel does not share platforms”.

    Bloom tears in to Nigel Farage saying, “if he sees Batten and UKIP as the enemy he has lost the plot…. calm down have another glass of red…your enemy is those who are stopping Brexit”

    As an ex-army Officer, he has strong words on the prosecution of veterans who served in Northern Ireland, “This is a witch hunt and if it is to be a witch hunt what about the IRA? What is the point of this and what purpose does it serve and this from a conservative government, so how could Comrade Corbyn be any worse?”

    He attacks David Lammy controversially stating, “You can say what you want if you have a dark skin it doesn’t matter how racist it is or offensive you can get away with it …. he is Teflon he is bullet proof we can’t go anywhere near him.”

    He ends the interview by stating that “the EU is a fascist organisation… Fascism is a political creed which is banks, big business and the political class forming up to suppress ordinary people and if that is not a description of the EU and our government today I don’t know what is

    So, we are already suffering under a fascist jackboot.

    You do not want to miss this programme, you might agree with every single word or hate the opinions of Godfrey but one thing is for sure you cannot ignore them.

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