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    Boris and Mogg Have Shown Their True Colours

    Shooting from the Lip
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    For this week’s episode of Shooting From the Lip, Jon has gone into the “belly of the beast”, the EU parliament in Strasbourg and is talking to Nathan Gill MEP from The Brexit Party.

    Nathan is very close to Nigel Farage and he starts by talking about the failure of the 8 indicative votes to get a majority and says, “the Lunatics took over from the lunatics in the asylum that is Westminster”

    “There is only one option which is leaving on WTO.”

    Nathan believes that we will get No Deal by default or by accident as he thinks EU leaders are fed up of Brexit and that we will leave on April 12 because the EU does not want UK politicians to stand in Euro elections.

    “Nigel Farage is determined that he will stand in Euro Elections if they happen and he will go back to undermine their work and they don’t want it. You can see on their faces their despair at the thought of us coming back.”

    Nathan attacks the PM saying, “Theresa May should have resigned several times over during the past two years, it has been harassment blackmail and the very last thing she could offer was her resignation and even that failed which just proves how bad her deal was.”

    However, he also has harsh words for Jacob Rees Mogg, Boris and other Tories who are now going to vote with May but he praises the DUP saying, “they are conviction politicians as they have said no to May’s deal as it does not match their manifesto, so they are an example to other politicians of all parties.”

    Nathan reveals that over 250 thousand people have now joined the Brexit Party and they have the full funding in place to fight a General Election and the EU elections and he is confident they would get seats and make a breakthrough but doesn’t know if Nigel Farage would actually stand.

    He concludes, “I think we are going to end with a long extension but the Brexit Party is going to hoover up votes and so will Lib Dems as they will be the Remain party but Theresa May will have to go and then we need a General Election.”

    This is an episode you do not want to miss in what is the biggest Political week in the history of the UK.

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