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    EU is a Dictatorial Undemocratic Set Up

    Shooting from the Lip
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    This week’s guest on Shooting From the Lip is veteran DJ and Talk show host Liz Kershaw.

    Liz is not afraid to state that she is a Brexiteer and why, “I am not a bigot, small Englander or a racist I just think we need to untie ourselves from a sinking ship…. I want stronger security and harder borders.”

    She feels sorry for and admires Theresa May, “May has had a thankless task I do believe in her integrity and stamina…I think she is a woman of integrity…. She is one of the few people in parliament who has put her own feelings to the side and done what the British people wanted her to do,”

    She really shoots from the lip when she says that, “the Irish have had their egos massaged to support the EU line as they are a net recipient of the EU.” She believes that the “EU is a dictatorial undemocratic set up.”

    She also has harsh words for Bercow, the media, Operation Fear but thinks that Nigel Farage “has been very measured and dignified during this whole debacle. He will be there if we are forced to have EU elections…. he will get massive votes if that happens.”

    Don’t miss this episode because even if you not agree with Liz Kershaw you will admire her honesty.

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