08:45 GMT +319 January 2020
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    Taking No Deal Off the Table Was a Crazy Decision

    Shooting from the Lip
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    London Assembly member, David Kurten is this week's guest.

    London Assembly member, David Kurten blasts the Brexit delay right from the first moment of this week’s edition of Shooting from the Lip stating that, “It is completely against democracy and what the people voted for. Politicians have a duty to obey the people they are our servants not our masters.”

    He also attacks Theresa May, “A PM should inspire honor and respect and should be working in best interests of the people and respect the decision…but her withdrawal agreement is like a zombie you think you’ve killed it but it keeps coming back.”

    David also believes that the Main Stream Media is also at fault declaring, “The MSM have been against Brexit from the beginning”
    “They peddle this project Fear nonsense most right-thinking people no longer listen to them anymore.”

    David believes that the EU will demand even more money from the UK to extend Article 50 and that to take “No Deal” off the table was a crazy decision.  He also thinks that Theresa May is partly responsible for the knife crime epidemic saying, “Cressida Dick is speaking more sense and truth than Theresa May on Police numbers, there is obviously a link between cutting 20 thousand police jobs and rising crime.”

    David has equally strong views on Policing, stop and search and the need for longer Prison sentences for violent crime.  “The Police’s job is to arrest criminals and bang them up it is not their job to understand criminals”.

    He concludes by supporting the Black Cab trade in London and attacking Uber as “Vulture Capitalism.”

    This is another cracking episode of Shooting from the Lip don’t miss it.

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