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    The Mainstream Media is Dead

    Shooting from the Lip
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    James Delingpole wastes absolutely no time in shooting from the lip when he is Jon Gaunt’s guest on this week’s programme. He tears into the EU and says that, “they are a softer version of the former Soviet Union.”

    However, “They are slick operators these Euro thugs”

    He believes that we will leave on WTO rule son March 29 but he really lays into the present Tory party declaring, “I am genuinely in despair at the way the Conservative Government are behaving…they are not Conservative.”

    He talks about being at Oxford with Cameron and his ilk, “I drank with them I smoked drugs with them and I shagged them.”

    However, “I am still in a state of shock as to what they have become”

    Then on Liam Neeson he declares, “He probably considered himself as a typical liberal lefty until he got burned by the mob.” And “He has been tried for a thought crime as none of it actually happened…. they want to destroy his whole career… I think it is awful every month that goes by I think we have reached SJW peak of awfulness but we have not as they just find another victim.”

    He declares that, “The Mainstream Media is dead, it is over”

    However, he also says that, “The pubic space of the internet has been hijacked by the left-wing Sultans of Silicone Valley so people like Mark Zuckerberg is censoring conservative voices with rules they do not apply to left wing voices.”

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