16:23 GMT26 November 2020
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    We are in a Mess and Much Closer to the EU Betrayal

    Shooting from the Lip
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    In one of the most historic weeks in British Politics, Jon Gaunt is joined live from the EU Parliament in Strasbourg by MEP Steven Wolfe. Steven shoots from the lip the moment the microphone is open saying, “we are in a mess and much closer to the EU Betrayal”

    “We are in a world of games people trying to pull wool over our eyes”

    He accuses the BBC and Sky and other mainstream media of stopping any diverse voices getting on air, people like Batten himself and even Farage.

    He says that Operation Fear is in full flow and that the EU will grant us an extension to Article 50 until June. However, he does not want this as, “The process of delay is essential component of stopping us leaving”

    He also expresses some sympathy for Theresa May and accepts that UKIP have imploded and taken away options for voters.

    He wants a WTO deal as this would hurt EU and agrees with Nigel Farage that if we had a Brexiteer PM the EU would begin to concede.

    Controversially he says of the Anna Sourby incident, “A perfect opportunity to let the press call for this man to be arrested and suppressed.”

    He talks about unbalanced coverage of violence on the left and right.

    Says there is no square, no memorial for the leave supporter who was murdered in Manchester unlike Jo Cox.

    He believes that a betrayal is taking place and that there could be violence on the streets.

    He concludes by saying he is still defiant and will not stop fighting for his country.

    Don’t miss this episode where you can hear the alternative narrative to the one the MSM and Government are pumping out.

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