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    The Political Class have Betrayed Brexit and the People

    Shooting from the Lip
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    In a momentous week for UK politics, this week’s Shooting from the Lip features two guests with extremely strong views, UKIP leader, Gerard Batten and the Ex-Deputy Chair of the party who resigned this week Suzanne Evans. They both agree that Theresa May has betrayed the British people and both agree she will not get her deal through.

    Batten says, “They are setting us up for a not leaving situation”

    “It’s as if she is getting orders from above… she is serving a higher purpose here” Whereas Suzanne dismisses May’s negotiation as, “I get the impression she just went to Brussels and asked them what they wanted…. and then came back to Parliament and lied"

    Where the two are in violent disagreement is the fact that Gerard Batten has employed Tommy Robinson as an adviser and the fact that Batten will march on a Brexit Betrayal demo with Tommy this weekend.

    Suzanne says that Batten would never have been given the leadership if he had, “stood up and said I am going to turn it into an anti-Islam Party and get Tommy Robinson involved because the membership would never have stood for it”

    However, Batten says, “The object of the march is to galvanise people behind UKIP. Tommy has a million people following him on Facebook.”

    He also states that, “We are not an anti-Islam party.”

    Suzanne counters, “I am very concerned about the march and UKIP should not be involved in a march led by Tommy Robinson” and that, “UKIP is a laughing stock, it is nasty”

    Gerard also shoots from the lip about the criticism from ex Leader Nigel Farage stating, “He really walked away after the Referendum”

    “Best thing Farage could do is stop criticising but I think he is quite a bitter man and will continue but he will get as good as he gives if he continues.”

    This is an explosive programme that will divide the closest of friends. Do not miss it.

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