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    Gangs Are More Afraid of Each Other Than Police

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt

    Joining Jon Gaunt this week is terrorism and security expert, Mike Yardley. Mike really lives up to the title of the show by shooting from the lip on Russia, the Skripals, knife and gun crime and suggests the time has come to arm the Police.

    On knife crime he says, “Kids involved in drug gangs are more afraid of each other than the police or the legal system.
    You’ve got to punish people really hard locking them up for a long time, if you carry a knife on the streets you are going to go to prison for a year’s not months.”

    Talking as someone who has actually shot people in combat he says, “I am very reluctant to say this but I think there is an argument for the routine arming of the Police” “but it does change the nature of your society”

    On terror, he believes that the Jihadist threat is growing but he talks about our allies and ourselves creating some of these problems.

    He talks about his experience in Beirut when he was taken hostage before Terry Waite and he makes the point they were secular terrorists whereas now it is about fundamentalism.

    “A lot of these terrorists are funded by our allies in the middle east”, he then talks about Saudi Arabia and their influence.”

    “We should stop the Saudi funding of Mosques and schools in the UK “…. we have seen a proliferation of Salafists radical mosques which create a safe haven and networks and are against our National interest.”

    Mike agrees with the new head of British Army saying that Russia is a bigger threat to UK security than Islamist terror.

    “it concerns me that the Russians test our airspace and waters everyday, so yes they are the greatest strategic threat to us but we still need to try and build relationships up”

    However, he says that, “We need to improve our relationship with Russia because this new cold war is in no one’s interest.”

    Meanwhile on Trump and the caravan he says, “It is hardy a peaceful act to try and storm a national sovereign border” “every Nation has a right to protect its Borders”

    On migrants arriving on the beaches of Dover he is really tough stating that “Nigel Farage is right to say the illegal migrants landing at Dover need to be sent back, that should be the first thing we do in all of these cases”

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