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    Shooting from the Lip cover

    The Referendum Was a Folly

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt
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    Jon Gaunt’s guest this week is veteran Labour support and former Editor of the Sunday Mirror, Paul Connew. Paul is now a columnist on the Drum and the New European and he wastes no time in shooting from the lip as he targets Theresa May, David Cameron, Donald Trump and even Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

    He blames the present Brexit crisis on David Cameron and says there should never have been a referendum calling it a “folly”.

    Paul believes that if present EU situation “had been dreamt up by script writers of The Thick of it then it would have been rejected as beyond satire and too far-fetched.”

    He attacks Corbyn saying, “I am no Corbynista and he is displaying a spectacular lack of leadership and being hugely evasive and contradictory on where he stands on a second referendum and on Brexit in general” and that, “Corbyn needs to get off his fudge coated fence and come out in support of a second referendum”

    Paul firmly believes a second referendum has gone from a possibility to a probability!

    On May he says, “she is trying to balance a deeply divided country and Party and being stabbed in back and front …..she has inherited mission impossible.”

    Jon and Paul move on to discuss Trump who Paul says he knows and has, “met Donald Trump many times when he was a business man and he loved to court the mainstream media who he now calls the enemy of the people”

    On the caravan Paul says, “it was an election ploy to whip up his core electoral base” and that he doesn’t think Trump did well in the mid Term elections.

    He states that Trump's playing of the Saudi situation is deplorable and people are lambasting his performance and his attempt to get the Crown Prince off the hook.

    Jon pushes him on the comparison between Saudi and Skripal case by asking “when are the Saudi diplomats going to be deported?

    Paul deflects this by talking about Trump’s business links to Saudi Arabia.

    This is a very engaging conversation and it is good to hear someone so diametrically opposed to Jon Gaunt discuss the big issues of the day and not hold back from shooting from the lip.

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