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    We Have Been Betrayed, Defeated and Humiliated

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt
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    What a week this has been for British and European politics and Jon Gaunt’s guest this week is really at the heart of it. Jon is joined live from the European Parliament in Strasbourg by Independent MEP Steven Wolfe. Steven believes Theresa May’s deal is very dangerous for British Politics.

    But he also says “I am amazed that some Tories have got the strength and balls to stand up to her, never thought I would see this day” “They should have done this a long time ago.”

    He states that we will be in a worse position than when we were actually in the EU if May gets her way and says “Effectively Dublin via the EU is now creating the laws in Northern Ireland, how is that freedom how is that liberty how is that us making our own laws.”

    He has no sympathy for her at all. “she brought this upon herself with her Lancaster House speech.”

    “She set out the framework for her disaster today. The way she was dealing with Ireland was a massive mistake.”

    Steven Wolfe believes “It is a huge crisis, a crisis of this governments making.”

    However, he doesn’t think a No Deal is a problem. “People are over egging the problem”

    “Large Corporations will not accept that they can move away from EU Regulation.”

    Finally, Steven thinks “with a new Leaver leader we can still got a deal by March as a lot of the work has already been done”

    Do not miss this episode of Shooting From the Lip in this momentous week in Politics.

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