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    Foreign Aid is Throwing Money Down a Black Hole

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt
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    On Shooting from the Lip this week Jon has London Assembly Member David Kurten as his special guest and UKIP’s education spokesman does not hold back on his opinions on the state of the UK.

    David starts by attacking Sadiq Khan saying, “London is a disaster zone with crime going through roof and first time in History London has a higher murder rate than New York”

    Meanwhile he says, “Khan follows a path of political correctness with 900 officers working on hate crime or mean things being said on social media.”

    David says as a mixed-race person himself, he believes in increased stop and search; “It is an effective tool and it should be used.”

    On terror he says, “UK use to be safest country in the world but we are now riven with terror, we have to face up to the fact that there are some members of the Muslim community who are Jihadists and we need to face up the fact that it does have something to do with Islam”

    He attacks foreign aid saying, “it is throwing money down a black hole. We should only have disaster and famine relief fund”

    He states that, “If Farage had stayed on we would not have had all these delays and problems with Brexit because UKIP would have kept growing.” And is confident that, “Millions and millions are going to come back to UKIP if we are betrayed.”

    David is a massive fan of Trump and says that he is right to stop the caravan of illegal immigrants, “Immigration should be legal. Illegal immigration has to be stopped wherever it is in the world.”

    He finishes the controversial interview by stating that “Black people are flocking to Trump.”

    “Democrats want black people to be kept in wealth dependency but Trump gives them an opportunity and says you are a victor not a victim.”

    This is a show you do not want to miss whether you agree with David or not.

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