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    I Love the Idea of No Deal. I Welcome Even a Bit of Chaos

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    Jon Gaunt
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    This week Jon Gaunt is Shooting from the Lip with the man who describes himself as the biggest Donald Trump fan in the UK, Podcaster and columnist James Delingpole. James starts by stating the Theresa May can not survive as, “She has tarnished the Tory Brand and betrayed us because she is a Remainer.”

    He says the spin about the abusive words used by alleged Tories was a “was a classic use of the social justice warriors’ tactics to close down the debate”

    “It was what the Left do, not what we Conservatives should do”.

    He states that politics is no longer a battle between left and right, Tory and Labour it is “The culture war of cultural Marxism versus those of us who believe in free speech.”

    James also supports Tommy Robinson and was at the Old Bailey this week for the trial.

    He states that, “Tommy is not a racist and he is not far right”. “Before I met him I thought he might be a  Far right lunatic but when you meet him and hear his back story and meet his admirers you realise that this is not a fascist organisation, they might be slightly uncouth but they are not vermin they are not fascist.”

    Delingpole states that the Establishment have ignored the white working class of this country for too long but that, “These people are the backbone of our country when a war breaks out these are the ones on the front line.”

    He states that “Tommy is not an agitator he is the Truth teller.”

    This is explosive stuff and we haven’t even got in to what James says about the Muslim rape gangs!

    Don’t miss this week’s episode of Shooting from the Lip with Jon Gaunt and James Delingpole.

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