22:41 GMT26 September 2020
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    I am Obsessed with the EU, Not Islam

    Shooting from the Lip
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    In the week of all this Brexit turmoil Jon Gaunt’s special guest is the leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten. Gerard Batten has some choice words For Theresa May and her failure on Brexit but he also aims his guns at Nigel Farage, the BBC, Russia and extremist Muslims.

    He says the Brexit negotiations have been “an elaborate charade that they have put on I predicted there would be delay in order to sell us out at the end”

    When asked if we would stand aside For Nigel Farage to come back he says, “No, I am not standing aside for anybody!”

    He claims that “I am obsessed with the EU not Islam”

    When pressed on his views on Islam and why he is so negative about the religion he replies, “Well that’s because I don’t like it Jon, It is an ideology I wouldn’t be complimentary about Nazism or Communism. I don’t like totalitarian ideologies and that is what Islam is. So why should I be nice about it, why should anyone who isn’t part of it?

    He does not believe Geert Wilders is far right and the BBC are biased and wrong to describe him as such.

    “The DFLA is not right wing anyone who doesn’t fall in with prevailing politically correct consensus is called Far Right. It is not about far right it is about right and wrong.”

    “But Far left doesn’t get bothered so Corbyn and his anti-Jewish thugs don’t get criticised. MSM are not bothered about that”.

    He blames Antifa for violence at the demo last Saturday. “They caused it not the DFLA.”

    And this is just for starters! So, you can see the Leader of UKIP is really shooting from the lip and you must not miss this episode.

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