19:58 GMT +319 May 2019
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    Shooting from the Lip cover

    The only way to chuck Chequers is to chuck May

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt
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    Jon’s guest this week is the Editor of www.altnews.net former Unionist politician and now political commentator, David Vance. Vance does not hold back saying that Theresa May’s “lasting legacy would be a Corbyn Government”.

    He says that her conference speech was, “as Shakespeare would say a tale of sound and fury signifying absolutely nothing”

    And that the MSM media coverage praising her just proves the MSM, “are as vacuous and empty and worthless as the Blessed Theresa herself”

    “They are all detached from reality in their bubble.”

    Finally, he says on the EU, “Our political system will decay even further if we are betrayed on Brexit”

    Talking about the latest anti Russia story he states, “There are much more pressing threats to this country than Russia”

    He says many Brits went to the World Cup and came back saying “Moscow it’s what Britain used to be like”
    Thinks “whole Skripal case is very fishy.  Let’s go to war over Skripal is mad it is the politics of diversion”
    “Real and present danger is the 23 thousand Jihadists in the country not 2 or 3 Russian spies."

    This is a man who really knows how to shoot from the lip so do not miss this episode.

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