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    They are Not Women, they are Trans Women

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt
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    “The trans Taliban is literally a men’s rights movement Just a new way to tell women to shut the eff up, to override all our rights. It’s a perfect gift for macho male lefties like Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Jones who can shout at feminists that we are bigot and fascists.”

    So, says Journalist and feminist campaigner, Julie Bindel who is Jon Gaunt’s guest on this week’s edition of Shooting from the Lip.

    Julie says that, “Gender is nonsense, it’s just made up it doesn’t exist” as she tears into the latest controversy over the reform of the Gender Recognition Act.

    She is completely against the idea of men self-defining and attacks the FBU, the Girl Guide Movement, Primesight and the MSM for being cowed and silenced by what she describes as the “Trans Taliban”

    She declares that, “Bruce Jenner is not a woman, he is a man”

    And Julie also rips in to Stonewall saying, “Stonewall is a disgrace.  It speaks up for men who say they are women not for lesbians any more, women can just go and take a running jump unless of course they have a penis”

    This is probably the most provocative episode we have ever produced.

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