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    Boris can get Elected but Nigel Can’t

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt
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    On this week’s Shooting from the Lip show Jon Gaunt has someone who is never afraid to speak his mind, ex UKIP MEP and the man who described Foreign Aid as money going to Bongo, Bongo Land, Godfrey Bloom.

    On this week’s Shooting from the Lip show Jon Gaunt has someone who is never afraid to speak his mind, ex UKIP MEP and the man who described Foreign Aid as money going to Bongo, Bongo Land, Godfrey Bloom.

    Bloom stands by those controversial comments saying in the interview, “well wasn’t I right in spades! I was right one BILLION pounds a month sent abroad without any real audit trail.”

    He then accuses Nigel Farage of turning PC on him “Talking about Political correctness in UKIP I got a phone call from Nigel Farage at six in the morning asking me to apologise that was the beginning in 2013 of the whole PC thinking that was creeping into UKIP and that was the reason for the party’s popularity declining.”

    He also puts the boot into Theresa May and her Brexit deal by saying that she is, “A woman of no conviction no commercial experience she’s a vicar’s daughter and I wouldn’t trust her to run the Tombola at the village hop…. she doesn’t know what she is doing”

    On Syria and possible UK involvement he says that the Skripal affair is part of the demonization of Russia. Democracies can’t fight a war without public support and I don’t think there is public support for war in Syria or with Russia.”

    He also thinks that it is all about Gas pipelines and says that we will shortly have another false flag attack claiming Assad is using chlorine gas on his own people.

    For good measure he is also forthright about Tommy Robinson and Boris Johnson and the MSM but returning to Nigel Farage he says,

    “UKIP was a very good pressure group that got us the referendum but they never succeeded as a political party as it didn’t have a plan and problem was Farage couldn’t get elected, he couldn’t beat the local accountant in Thanet. So, the idea of him coming back as a big gun is nonsense”

    Do not miss this programme.

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