12:20 GMT24 November 2020
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    Our Government is Letting us Down

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt is joined by UKIP MEP Patrick O’Flynn to discuss the recent terror attack and the future of Brexit. Patrick is the former Political Editor of the Daily Express and has a wealth of knowledge of how Westminster operates and doesn’t hold back in his criticism of the two main parties in this interview.

    They start by discussing the latest terror attack in Westminster and Patrick remarks, “the suspect is a UK citizen from Sudan which rings alarms bells with me”

    “Our Government is letting us down and immigration system is too lax and we are bringing in people who hate us, hate our way of life and want to kill us”

    Patrick is fully in support of a full ban on any face covering and says that, “The Establishment is out to get Boris Johnson”

    He also lays in to Theresa May and he hopes we are in the last days of Theresa May as she has delivered the big lie over Brexit. She has delivered a con with this Chequers deal

    “I think that is unforgivable ten times worse than what Ted Heath did. It is a betrayal”

    Patrick and Jon go on to discuss the future of Nigel Farage, Trump ad UKIP and the general dismal state of UK Politics.

    This is an interview not to be missed by anyone interested in present day UK Politics.

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