16:20 GMT13 May 2021
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    We Do Not Need the MSM Anymore

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt meets Anne Marie Waters of For Britain. If you think the first four episodes of Jon Gaunt’s Sputnik radio show, Shooting from the Lip have been explosive just wait until you hear the views of the Leader of the For Britain Party, Anne Marie Waters.

    Anne Marie pulls no punches as she states that she and her Party are not Far Right but that, “If you criticize Islam you get called Far Right by the MSM. It is absurd. What we are criticizing is far more far Right. We are criticizing cruelty, totalitarianism, fascism misogyny, homophobia and anti-Semitism. When that became far right I don’t know but we are living in Orwell’s 1984 and down is the new up”

    She applauds Tommy Robinson’s release and says that he has been persecuted and that she is delighted that Tommy wouldn’t talk to the MSM, “it is the middle finger to the MSM we do not need them anymore, they absolutely deserve it…  we don’t need them anymore they are poison, the MSM are absolute poison.”

    She believes that the Far Left are much more dangerous than the so called Far Right and she says that, Corbyn and McDonnell have legitimized these kinds of tactics and behavior.

    “This is serious when the opposition party is trying to physically intimidate the party of Government”

    “These are nasty people and Owen Jones epitomizes it.”

    She states that Labour is Increasingly dependent on the Muslim vote.

    “Islamists are using the Labour party to push their Sharia agenda.”

    Asked by Jon Gaunt, Are you an anti-Islam Party?

    She replies “Yes, I am against the ideology of that religion.”

    “When the law clashes with the Islam, the law should always win. There are no if’s and buts about it, there should be no accommodation of illegal religious practices like child marriage or FGM they are both serious grotesque crimes and they carry on with impunity.”

    They also talk about Trump, the UN, Foreign policy and Halal and religious slaughter that she wants banned,

    “We must confront religious slaughter, it is barbaric and it must stop”

    Jon Gaunt loves to shoot from the lip but in Anne Marie Waters he has found a guest who epitomizes that philosophy.

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