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    We Have Operation Fear Mark 2

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    In the latest edition of Shooting from the Lip Jon Gaunt interviews the Wolfman of Fleet Street, Neil Wallis. He has been Deputy Editor and Editor of many of the red top newspapers in their heyday and what he doesn’t know about scandal, politics and tabloids just ain't worth knowing.

    Neil gives Jon his views on the Cliff Richard case and although he thinks the BBC went over the top he does not believe that rape or sex abuse defendants should have anonymity and he is worried that the BBC cock up will lead to the Free Press being  gagged by the Establishment.

    He believes that there is an Establishment attack on anyone who has right of centre views and that Nigel Farage is neither a racist or Far Right and that people outside of the Metropolitan Elite are desperate for a leader like Nigel.

    Neil doesn’t think that Lineker would get paid £1.7 million anywhere else but the BBC and that he shouldn’t be expressing political opinions.

    “He is using his position to project a political standpoint. He has influence because of his BBC TV show.”

    He slates Jeremy Corbyn saying, “People like Corbyn help promote or enable anti-Semitism.”

    Neil believes that Theresa May will cling on as the Tories are frightened of it all falling away for them and says, “Boris is like Heseltine, as the man who is wielding the knife you will never be allowed to take the crown.”

    Neil also has strong views on how Brexit has been mismanaged by Theresa May.

    He thinks the EU is trying to exhaust us on Brexit.

    “We have Operation Fear Mark 2 with stories of stockpiling food”.

    “She was not prepared to do what Trump was, he looked the EU in the eye and they blinked, he has pulled off another political coup”.

    Do not miss this episode as Neil and Jon both Shoot from the Lip and take absolutely no prisoners!

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