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    The Brexit Betrayal and Future of UKIP

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt

    In what has been a tumultuous week in British politics, Jon Gaunt talks to MEP Steven Woolfe on the 'Brexit betrayal', the future of UKIP, and the possible return of Nigel Farage...

    In this episode of Shooting from the Lip, ex-UKIP spokesman on immigration, Steven Woolfe, MEP, tears in to Theresa May and what he sees as her absolute betrayal of the wishes of the British voters over Brexit.  Nevertheless he surprises Jon by saying he does not think she will be removed from power.

    Although directing some pretty heavy blows on new UKIP leader, Gerard Batten, Woolfe states he believes that UKIP is still the only viable party to take on the big two over the EU. He does not believe he would be allowed back in the party but has some very interesting thoughts on the return of Nigel Farage.

    The conversation turns to the Trump visit and Steven lays into London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, in uncompromising language to say the least!

    This is a powerful and interesting interview with a real political outsider who has amazing inside knowledge of the EU debate.

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