17:05 GMT +318 February 2019
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    UKIP Leader Gerard Batten: Islam is a “Death Cult”

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt

    In this very first episode of Shooting From The Lip Jon Gaunt sits down with new UKIP leader, Gerard Batten to discuss Islam, Tommy Robinson and much, much more…

    Shooting from the Lip is all about giving major political figures the time and space to express their views without the interviewer jumping in and trying to score petty points. The aim is just to let the guest speak.

    Gerard Batten is, of course, very forthright and no doubt there will be much that many will find offensive but also a lot that many will agree with too. Rather than closing down the debate Jon allows him to expand and allows the listener to make his or her mind up on all the issues raised.

    The conversation will make headlines but Jon wants people to actually listen to the meat the interview covers as well. He asks Batten about controversial issues such as, so-called, Alt-Right figureheads like Paul Joseph Watson joining the UKIP and if he feels threatened by Paul – who has said he is leading a soft coup against the leadership.

    Jon also gets Batten’s view on Tommy Robinson and asks him expand his controversial view that Islam is a death cult.

    Listen to Shooting from the Lip and then give us your views right here on radio Sputnik – don’t hold back!

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