19:41 GMT04 August 2021
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    US Residential Schools; Xinjiang and Propaganda; Shrinking Infrastructure Bill

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    Secretary Haaland to commission an investigation into US residential schools. Will those responsible for crimes be held accountable?

    Richard Sneed, Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee, talks to us about news that the Department of the Interior announced an investigation into the US residential school system, in which Native American children were taken from their families and communities to be indoctrinated into “American values” by rooting out their “Indianness,” how this system was a key element to getting Native communities to cede land to the government, how the announcement of this probe fits with events happening in Canada, where hundreds of additional unmarked graves were found in Saskatchewan schools, and whether the efforts by Secretary Haaland will result in true accountability for those responsible for these crimes.

    Carl Zha, host of Silk and Steel podcast focusing on China and its surrounding regions’ history, culture and politics, talks to us about the U.S. government announcing actions it is taking against what it calls labor and human rights abuses in Xinjiang, saying that US customs will seize all silica-based products from Hoshine Silicon Industries, and how the statement that the United States will not tolerate forced labor in its supply chains falls flat on its face after the Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of Nestlé and Cargill over child slavery in cocoa plantations in West Africa, and how Tesla, Apple, and Microsoft are being sued over forced labor in cobalt mines in the DRC. We also talk about an exposé from The New York Times about alleged Chinese propaganda coming out of the Xinjiang region.

    Margaret Flowers, medical doctor, and co-director of Popular Resistance and a member of the steering committee of HOPE - Health Over Profit, an organization working to achieve a national improved Medicare for All healthcare system, joins hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber to talk about the Biden administration’s ever-shrinking infrastructure bill that went from $10 trillion to a little over $1 trillion, and how Biden is touting this as a bipartisan success. We also talk about how insurance companies are sucking patients dry for emergency room visits, and the U.S. ranks last in trust in media, according to a recent study.

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