18:19 GMT04 August 2021
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    Public Lands and Pipelines; Voting Rights Bill Stalled; Labor Struggles

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    Supreme Court to rule on the use of public lands for pipeline development. How eminent domain can be used to expropriate for profit.

    Chris Garaffa, web developer, technologist, security and privacy consultant, talks to us about Iran’s Press TV news site, along with 3 dozen other sites from Iran, being taken down by the U.S. Department of Justice over allegations that these were spreading disinformation and the validity of this, the accusations about election interference, and whether the DOJ will stop at Iran, or use that as an excuse to shut down media from a number of official enemies.

    Emily Satterwhite, volunteer activist at Appalachians Against Pipelines, tells us about the fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline in Virginia, how it’s already $2.5 billion over budget, and how it’s incurring extra costs of $20 million per month. We also talk about a case being heard by the Supreme Court related to the PennEast Pipeline that will decide if the government can use eminent domain to give public lands to pipeline developers.

    Nick Cruse, cofounder of Fred Hampton Leftists and citizen journalist focusing on covering state violence, the class war, and foreign policy, talks to us about how the leftist politics and movements are defined in the country, and whether the term is really applicable to politicians who are centrist. We also talk about the voting rights bill that was stalled in the Senate by intra-fighting by the Democrats, and whether they have the best interests at heart for disenfranchised voters in the country.

    Mónica Cruz, producer, host and labor beat reporter for BreakThrough News, joins us to talk about the workers for the Warrior Met coal mining company in Alabama going on strike now for months, news that the Teamsters are set to vote on a resolution to make helping Amazon workers achieve unionization, and how retail workers are quitting en masse due to miserable pay and bad working conditions.

    Nate Wallace, creator and co-host of the podcast Redspin Sports, talks to us about the Supreme Court ruling unanimously against the NCAA’s limits on education-related perks for college athletes and the sticky baseball situation in Major League Baseball. 

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