12:05 GMT24 June 2021
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    Mexico Election Results; The Fight to Protect Oak Flat; The Bipartisan Trap

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    Despite losing supermajority, Morena and its allies make gains in important governorships. What the future holds for AMLO’s ‘Fourth Transformation.’

    Wyatt Reed, Sputnik Radio producer and correspondent, joins us from Mexico to talk about the results in the largest election ever held in Mexico, where Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s Morena party emerged victorious in the midterm elections despite losing a supermajority in the lower house of Mexico’s Congress of the Union. We also talk about how the media in the US characterized the results as a setback to Morena despite the fact that the party and its allies made huge inroads by winning many governorships, and could become stronger by forging alliances with both the Green and Workers’ parties. 

    Levi Rickert, editor and publisher of Tribal Business News, and founder, publisher and editor of Native News Online, talks to us about the ongoing fight to protect the environment and defend indigenous land at Oak Flat, Arizona, how the US Department of Agriculture is pressuring the US 9th Circuit Court expressly to reject the Apache’s argument that the land sale would infringe on their right to practice their religion, how it would violate a 19th-century treaty the government signed with Apache leadership that grants them rights to the land, and the response from the courts declaring that those treaties are not valid or have been extinguished. 

    Scott Thompson, labor market research economist and rural sociologist in Des Moines, Iowa, joins us to talk about Sen. Joe Manchin’s decision to not vote for the People Act, the Democrats’ voting rights bill, nor lending any help to kill the filibuster, how the claim that the Biden administration was going to be successful at bipartisanship is falling flat and is having issues problems convincing even members of its own party. We also talk about how the concept of bipartisanship is discussed in the media, and how bipartisanship is successful only when it involves legislation that is either middle-of-the-road or benefiting the wealthy.  

    In our Miss The Press segment, hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber talk about the media response to recent cyberattacks on US companies and how they are ratcheting up Russophobia to unprecedented levels, as well as Trump’s comments on the current administration during a rally in North Carolina this weekend.

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