07:18 GMT24 June 2021
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    Fight Against ICE in Massachusetts; Pentagon UFO Reports; Gaza Ceasefire

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    Upcoming UAP report to provide new revelations on these phenomena. Will UFO experts be revindicated?

    Joe Lauria, editor-in-chief of Consortium News and author of "How I Lost By Hillary Clinton,” joins us to talk about the latest chapter in The Intercept versus Glenn Greenwald saga, which ended up in the pages of the Washington Post, how the Post story took the side of The Intercept in this fight and engaged in personal attacks that could have the effect of tarnishing his reputation a casting doubt on journalistic work, and how mainstream reporters deploy these attacks to silence media criticism.

    Arely Díaz, community organizer at the Fang Collective, tells us about a recent small but significant victory in the battle against ICE, where all contracts were rescinded in Bristol County, Massachusetts, how ICE had been indiscriminately rounding up immigrants in the area without following their own guidelines, how activists and organizers successful pressured their community to cancel these ICE contracts, how coalitions were built to take on ICE, and what will be needed to defend the rights of immigrants in the country. 

    Nick Pope, journalist and former investigator of UFOs for the UK Ministry of Defence, joins us in a conversation about recent official release by the Pentagon of footage released of pilots encountering unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) and an upcoming report to Congress, and what, if any, additional revelations will be discovered once this report is released. We also talk about whether there will be rehabilitation for people who have been trying to bring these discussions out into the open for years and have been constantly ignored and derided.

    David Swanson, director at World BEYOND War, activist, journalist, radio host and author of the book "Curing Exceptionalism," talks to us about the ceasefire agreement bringing to an end 11 days of fighting in Gaza and Israel, who could be considered a winner, who could be the loser, and whether this is even apt way to describe and understand the situation there. We also talk about Venezuela submitting the book “The Art of Sanctions” by US official Richard Nephew to the International Criminal Court as evidence that the US has confessed to committing war crimes. 

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