00:10 GMT20 June 2021
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    Weapons Sales to Israel Continue; Gaza Under Siege; US Clandestine Army

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    Gaza running out of basic supplies under unrelenting Israeli assault. What we can do to tell the truth about the conflict.

    Nour Alshaer, student and activist from Gaza, talks to us about the ongoing Israeli assault in Gaza, how it is even more unrelenting than the 2014 campaign, how supplies, including food, are running out in the city, and how it is nowhere safe from the continued bombing. We also talk about how misleading narratives in western media have hurt the Palestinian cause, how the recent shift in public opinion towards Palestinians could help paint a clearer picture of the conflict, and how we need to stay active in the struggle for justice.  

    John Kiriakou, co-host of Radio Sputnik’s The Backstory, tells us about recent reports that the US has a completely unregulated, 60-thousand person strong secret army of special operations forces, military intelligence officers and working undercover in private organizations around the world to advance American interests, how these operations are funded and hidden through a maze of shell companies, how these are potentially illegal because there is no congressional oversight.  

    Dr. Chaand Ohri, an academic physician working in DC, talks to us about the ongoing COVID crisis in India, where more coronavirus deaths were reported in a single day than any other country at any time during the pandemic, how the number of deaths and infections are undercounted, and how this is just laying bare a barely functional healthcare infrastructure that predated this crisis, with huge disparities in access and outcomes in Indian society. We also talk about the lingering effects that the COVID-19 crisis will have on people’s physical and mental health even after the crisis is overcome, and its toll on healthcare workers.

    Chris Jenkins, journalist, filmmaker and political strategist, and Chris “Nookie” Bishop, host of the Digital Gumbo Podcast, join our Foul Play segment to talk about the NBA playoffs and the MVP race, the Twitter feud between former Washington Wizard great Kwame Brown and Stephen A. Smith, Matt Barnes, and Stephen Jackson, and predictions for the NBA finals. 

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