17:51 GMT21 June 2021
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    Colombia Protests; Right to Repair; Palestinians Attacked in Jerusalem

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    Corporations say you can't fix your devices. How the "Right to Repair" movement can lead the fight against unchecked waste and consumerism.

    Wyatt Reed, producer and correspondent at Radio Sputnik, talks to us about the ongoing protests in Colombia, where more than two dozen people have been killed and 800 injured, according to government figures, and the US has yet to issue any kind of statement, how the situation is looking on the ground, how the protests are evolving, and whether there is a sense that these will be sustained for the long term. We also talk about whether there are new demands from protesters and whether they see this as a domestic, regional, or international issue.

    Gay Gordon Byrne, Executive Director of The Repair Association, and Nathan Proctor, Director of the Campaign for the Right to Repair at the US Public Interest Research Group, join us in a conversation about the burgeoning "right to repair" movement in the US, where it stands now after a surprisingly positive report by the Federal Trade Commission, the pushback from industries that place onerous trademark, intellectual property, and supplier restrictions on people who want to repair their technological goods, and how the right of repair movement can lead in the fight against environmental waste, economic monopolies and, despite opponents' claims, truly lead the way in innovation. 

    Jonathan Kuttab, co-founder of the Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq and co-founder of Nonviolence International, talks to us about ongoing violent attacks by Israeli forces at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem over the final days of Ramadan, how the situation is unfolding, how the eviction of Palestinian residents from Jerusalem under dubious court decisions have also sparked these protests and is laying bare the reality that Palestinians are living under an apartheid state. We also talk about whether we will see a change in the coverage of mainstream media, and whether the US will change tack in the conflict or continue to shield Israel from criticism.

    In our Miss the Press segment, hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber talk about how every single Sunday show talked about Donald Trump's "Big Election" lie, and the absurd notion that it was Trump and Trump alone who corrupted the Republican Party.  

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