19:19 GMT16 May 2021
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    Immigration on Back Burner; Inhumane Pre-Trial Detention; Basic Goods Get Pricier

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    Citing supply chain issues, prices for basic goods are set to increase. How corporations profit from the pandemic.

    Juan José Gutiérrez, immigration lawyer, executive director of the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition, talks to us about how the Biden administration is punting on immigration reform, how it did not feature prominently during his speech, whether it is still a priority for this administration, and whether the initial positive steps taken will survive in Congress. We also talk about a Supreme Court case that resulted in a small victory for an undocumentent immigrant and whether this could have a larger effect for other immigrants in the country.

    Erin Kirk Cuomo, co-founder of Not In My Marine Corps, joins us in a conversation about annual defense policy in the Senate that will likely be vehicle to enact an overhaul of how sexual assault is handled within the military, whether its proposals will have a real impact on the issue,  whether there is a cultural component in the military that enables theses assaults, and whether the pandemic is a factor in the rise of sexual assaults in the military.  

    Janos Marton, National Director of Dream Corps Justice, tells us about the inhumane conditions and overcrowding of inmates at the St. Louis jail in pre-trial detention with some detainees spending years in jail without a court hearing, the structural and political foundations for indeterminate detention, how the voices of detainees are not heard in the mainstream media, and what other alternatives could be available to mass incarceration for individuals awaiting trial. 

    Ted Rall, award winning political cartoonist, columnist, and author, joins hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber to talk about how basic goods are becoming more expensive as we get out of the pandemic, and how corporations justify these price increases without taking into account the financial toll on working families. We also talk about how federal aid to renters is being held back due to bureaucratic roadblocks, how Amazon is raising some wages for workers and still fear the threat of unionization, and revelations that the USAID humanitarian relief provided to Venezuela in 2019 was intended to bolster the opposition led by Juan Guaidó.  

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