21:04 GMT17 April 2021
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    Power’s Interventionist Legacy; Medical Racism; Biden’s 1st Presser

    Political Misfits
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    President Biden gives his first press conference. Will we learn anything new about what direction his administration will take?

    Nick Davies, independent journalist and a researcher with Code Pink, and the author of “Blood On Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction,” joins us to talk about Samantha Power’s exchanges and statements in her confirmation hearings for her nomination to head USAID, her legacy of intervention, particularly in Libya, where the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine was invoked, and how these can be manipulated to justify military interventions that may exacerbate crises. We also talk about the significance and impact of soft power agencies like USAID, which are often used to advance geopolitical aims instead of providing humanitarian aid or economic development.

    Dr. Wilmer Leon, political scientist, host of The Critical Hour on Radio Sputnik and author of “Politics: Another Perspective: Commentary and Analysis on Race, War, Ethics and the American Political Landscape in the Age of Obama,” tells us about media narratives that relate medical skepticism in the African American community to the Tuskegee experiments, how these narratives do not accurately reflect attitudes by the community, and how these alleged attitudes are used to perpetuate medical racism and inequalities, particularly in regards to COVID vaccine distribution. We also talk about how mainstream media tries to shape and restrict the political horizons of what is possible and how this can have a pervasive effect for mobilizing for change in the country.   

    Jim Kavanagh, editor of The Polemicist, joins hosts Michelle Witte and Bob Schlehuber to talk about recent study published by Freedom House that shows the US falling in a global democracy ranking, unequal treatment of minority groups, influence of money in politics, increased polarization and how we continually re-define “democracy.” We also talk about President Biden’s first press conference, and what we could expect from it in preparation to live-stream the conference.  

    The Misfits also talk about Amazon’s union-busting efforts through social media in the middle of the organizing drive in Alabama, and Jay Leno apologizing for anti-Asian jokes made throughout his career.

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