22:19 GMT03 March 2021
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    Wall Street Revenge; The Riches of Gates; US & North Korea Relationship

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    Millennials and Gen Z are getting back at Wall Street profiteers and hedging bets causing stocks to soar, but how long will the winning streak last?

    Steve Grumbine, founder and CEO of Real Progressives and Real Progress in Action and host of the podcast Macro n Cheese, joins us to discuss the Gamestop stock market story that has unfolded over the last couple of weeks. We'll take a look at what Redditors have done on Wall Street.

    Tim Wise, senior advisor at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and the author of "Eating Tomorrow: Agribusiness, Family Farmers, and the Battle for the Future of Food," joins us to discuss Bill Gates becoming the biggest owner of farmland in America.

    Betsy Yoon, a member of Nodutdol, a Korean diaspora organization that advocates peace, decolonization and self-determination, joins us to discuss US engagement with North Korea over the last four years. There were definitely huge steps taken, both between the US and North Korea and the North and the South, though there was also a lot of disappointment. But does that mean we should write it all off as a failure?

    Chris Thomas, top soldier, community mentor, and a violence interrupter and Teresa Lundy, communications strategist and principal at TML Communications, joins us to discuss Joe Biden’s latest executive orders regarding private prisons; and Austin, Texas redirecting money from police to housing.

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