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    China Leads The Way; New Yorkers Score Eviction Law

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    What could China's economic power translate into geopolitically?

    Here to talk to us about what this means is KJ Noh, writer and scholar of Asian Pacific geopolitics, joins us to discuss the Center for Economics and Business Research report saying China’s economy would outstrip the US’s by 2028, five years earlier than it had previously predicted. A lot of headlines have made much of the role COVID plays in this change, noting that the US 5% contraction this year helped narrow the gap, but the deputy chair of the think tank himself said “The big news in this forecast is the speed of growth of the Chinese economy.”

    Kei Pritsker with Breakthrough News, joins us to discuss the New York Legislature on Monday overwhelmingly passed one of the most comprehensive anti-eviction laws in the nation. Under the new measure, landlords will be barred from evicting most tenants for at least another 60 days in almost all cases, and new eviction cases are to be banned until May 1. Some small landlords will be protected from foreclosure, and the bill also automatically renews tax exemptions for homeowners who are elderly or disabled. What's some of the work happening in New York to help people stay in their homes, and what results that’s had.

    Daniel Lazare, investigative journalist and author of "The Velvet Coup: The Constitution, the Supreme Court and the Decline of American Democracy, joins us to discuss the actual fight brewing in the Senate, propaganda in the pages of the Washington Post, and the intrigue between the UAE and Venezuela.

    KenYatta Rogers, Freelance Theatre Artist and Professor of Theatre at Montgomery College and William Dawson, writer, author and culture critic, joins us to discuss Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, the importance of August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle, and the politics and economics of turning theatrical plays into movies.

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