03:54 GMT24 January 2021
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    Inauguration Fundraising Scams, Biden's New Nominees, CNBC Cons

    Political Misfits
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    CNBC helps financially gaslight Americans as the Trump administration and Pfizer point fingers over vaccine delays.

    Joel Segal, national director of the Justice Action Mobilization Network, joins Misfit Hosts Bob Schlehuber and Michelle Witte to discuss Joe Biden’s cabinet nominees for the EPA and the Department of Interior, the next administration’s long climate timelines, and Democratic infighting over Medicare for All. 

    Journalist Mohammed Elmaazi, editor of the Interregnum, discusses new audio released of discussions between Julian Assange and Hillary Clinton’s State Department, and the hypocrisy it reveals in the case against him. He also reviews the latest attempts in the UK to shield police from critical reporting and investigation. 

    Jim Kavanagh, editor of The Polemicist, discusses the fraud that is “inauguration fundraising,” the latest declassified text messages from former FBI agent Peter Strzok, the evolution of the latest huge hacking scandal, and the reanimation of the Lockerbie bombing investigation. 

    The Misfits told White House aides to take the weekend off, along with a series of other meddlers and miscreants. They also get into the Supreme Court’s latest immigration punt, and the horrifying new footage released of the death of Ahmaud Arberty in Georgia. 

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