00:11 GMT28 November 2020
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    Trump's 'Zero Tolerance' Leaves Children Without Parents

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    Federal court filings made by the American Civil Liberties Union and the Justice Department are calling attention to the lasting damage of US President Donald Trump's cruel immigration and border policies.

    Carlos Castaneda, an attorney who specializes in immigration law, joins us to take a look at how the parents of hundreds of kids who were separated from them at the US' southern border still can’t be found. Some of these children whose parents can’t be located were separated from them in 2017! They’ve been living with relatives and sponsor families in the US all that time. Last month, lawyers said they hadn't yet found the parents of 545 children, but NBC reported this week, citing an email from one of those attorneys to the Justice Department, that the number was actually 666 children. And it gets worse: the pilot program that predated the zero-tolerance family separation program that began in 2018 didn’t even have any plan to reunite kids with their parents. According to a Justice Department memo from 2018 that NBC says it viewed, the pilot program authors decided they shouldn’t separate kids younger than 12 from their parents because the kids couldn’t find their way back to their parents alone. Is there anything else we should know about this terrible program?

    Kevin Kamps, radioactive waste watchdog with Beyond Nuclear, joins us to discuss peace activists who received 14-month prison sentences for a protest at a US Navy submarine base. Seven Catholic peace activists snuck into the Kings Bay Naval Base in Georgia in 2018 and committed some symbolic vandalism. They splashed blood around, hammered at what’s been described as a monument to nuclear war and spray-painted some peace slogans on the ground. Their acts weren't horrible, and yet we’re seeing these activists, who seem to be almost all older people, being sentenced to more than a year in prison.

    Joia Jefferson Nuri, communication specialist for In The Public Eye Communications; and Eugene Craig III, Republican strategist, former vice-chair of the Maryland Republican Party and grassroots activist, join us to discuss a potential Trump run in 2024, as well as whether he could be planning a coup or if we're headed to a civil war. They also discuss the upcoming "Million MAGA March" and what projected President-elect Joe Biden's plan is for Black America.

    Ralph Cooper III, journalist, political satirist and founder of District Comedy in Washington, DC, joins us to take a look at how Trump's reign has affected comedy.

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