17:31 GMT28 November 2020
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    Labour Suspends Corbyn, Europe Locks Down, US Told Vote or Die

    Political Misfits
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    After four years of pretending to care about non-center voices, US mainstream media is eager for the good old days.

    Journalist and editor of The Interregnum Mohammed Elmaazi discusses the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s questionable report on anti-semitism in the UK Labour Party and the suspension of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn over his mild rebuttal of the accusations in it. He also broke down the role of the media in formatting the scandal and where Labour’s disgruntled left wing could go from here. 

    Julian Vigo, independent scholar and filmmaker who specializes in anthropology, technology and political philosophy, reports from Italy as it enters a second lockdown and explains why a public so initially supportive of restrictions is rebelling now. She also warns of the possibility of children’s data being exploited by big tech companies as overtaxed governments hand over control of public education. 

    Ron Placone, comedian and host of “Get Your News On With Ron,” discusses Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s dueling rallies in Florida, the Democrats’ authenticity problem, the latest polls and who the real contenders in this electoral contest are.

    Misfit hosts Bob Schlehuber and Michelle Witte also took apart the latest Trump-mania of the New York Times and issued some suggestions as to which political figures and other entities should take the weekend off. 

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