01:37 GMT02 December 2020
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    Anonymous No More, Southern Senate Seat Swaps, Section 230 Under Fire

    Political Misfits
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    Anonymous sources for the New York Times and the Steele dossier are revealed, but the damage is already done.

    Web developer Chris Garaffa joined Misfit hosts Bob Schlehuber and Michelle Witte to talk about the tepid defense tech CEOs gave of section 230 of the US Communications Decency Act, why that imperfect law remains so important, and why the National Security Agency shouldn’t be trusted to set up and monitor its own oversight when it comes to creating backdoors into what should be secure information.  

    Tiana Caldwell, Board President of KC Tenants, and Will Merrifield, a tenant lawyer formerly with the DC Clinic for the Homeless and a candidate for DC Council At-Large, discuss militant action to prevent evictions during this pandemic; the crime of evicting families without notice, based on nothing but a Zoom hearing, in the midst of a health and economic crisis; the roots of our urban housing crises; and the humanitarian disaster the nation faces as a result of rising homelessness. 

    Eugene Craig III, Republican strategist, former vice-chair of the Maryland Republican Party and grassroots activist, joined Ra Shad Frazier Gaines, founder of Black Progressives, to help the Misfits break down some of the marquee Senate races that will also be decided on November 3, including showdowns in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. They also discuss the role of money in these record-breakingly expensive races. 

    Dr. Yolandra Hancock, board-certified pediatrician and obesity medicine specialist, explained the impact covid 19 is already having on heart disease and cancer outcomes and predicted how we’ll see that impact reverberate through our public health and insurance systems. She also laid out the priorities authorities should have for handling what seems like an inevitable surge in chronic disease resulting from this pandemic.

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