16:30 GMT26 September 2020
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    Migrants Crossings; TitleIX Changes; Postal Drama

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    Britain and France are constructing barriers to prevent migrants from crossing the English Channel while in America Trump is creating barriers to keep people from voting.

    Alexander Mercouris, editor-in-chief of The Duran; and Dr. Kenneth Surin, professor emeritus of literature and professor of religion and critical theory at Duke University discuss what is behind the increase of migrants crossing the English Channel. Britain and France have agreed this week to increase their efforts to stop migrants from crossing the English Channel in small boats, according to a UK government minister who took part in talks in Paris on Tuesday. Immigration minister Chris Philp said that London and Paris were working to develop what he called a "comprehensive action plan" to make the route unviable.

    Karleigh Webb, journalist, videographer and anti-imperialist, labor, and trans rights organizer with the PSL in Connecticut, breaks down new changes to Title IX. Secretary DeVos has taken historic action to strengthen Title IX protections for all students. DeVos' sexual misconduct rule will take effect Friday. Why have these Title IX changes have caused so much controversy?

    Jim Kavanaugh, writer for ThePolemicist.net, discusses all the hell breaking loose with the post office. The Postal Service is warning some votes might not be counted for the November election.  The Washington Post reports 46 states and DC have been told there's no guarantee ballots mailed back to election offices will arrive in time.  USPS has been going through sweeping changes to cut costs. One has already caused mail delivery to be delayed by a week in some places. Another has removed 10-percent of mail sorting machines, which could make the slowdown worse. President Trump admits the delay in getting a new stimulus agreement is because he wants to prevent Americans from voting by mail.  Democrats are pushing for more money for the post office and states to handle the millions of mail-in ballots expected this year. Trump said on Fox Business' Mornings With Maria that it's a scam. He said denying them the money means he can prevent universal mail-in voting this November.

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