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    Agents Enter Cities; Pompeo Talks China Relations; COVID Cases Surge in CA; GOP Convention Canceled

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    Federal agents descending on American cities are being met with resistance and lawsuits. As tensions rise in the US, American relations with China are also hitting road bumps.

    Wyatt Reed, journalist and producer for By Any Means Necessary on Sputnik News Radio, gives updates on the latest in Portland, Oregon. The American Civil Liberties Union has gotten a restraining order issued against federal agents, preventing them from moving against or threatening journalists covering the protests there. Also, the Department of Justice is launching an investigation into federal agents' role in the unrest in the city. Inspector General Michael Horowitz said he is responding to a complaint from the US attorney in Oregon overuse of force. What will all this amount to?

    KJ Noh, a writer and scholar of Asian Pacific geopolitics, breaks down the latest conflict between the US and China. On Thursday night, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stood in front of an audience at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library to make it extremely clear that if the US isn’t planning to reverse the course of engagement with China, it is definitely changing that engagement - or so he’d have us believe.

    Dr. Bill Honigman, California state coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America and co-coordinator of its Healthcare Human Rights Issue Organizing Team, talks about California surpassing New York as the state with most coronavirus cases after a record day. California was billed as a miracle state back in March with its initial response to the pandemic; what has gone so terribly wrong? Also, US President Donald Trump is calling off plans for the big acceptance speech he wanted to make in Jacksonville, Florida. The president had pushed the Republican National Committee to move that portion of the event from North Carolina so he could accept the party's nomination in front of thousands of fans. Is he taking the virus more seriously?

    China Dickerson, national political director for Forward Majority, also addresses Trump canceling the GOP convention in Jacksonville. This of course came after North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper kicked the Trump team out of his state over fear of the coronavirus. Trump has been using a new tone on the virus, wearing a face mask, taking precautions at rallies and restarting the COVID-19 news conferences. We'll also break down Morning Consult's new polls, several of which revolve heavily around police sentiments towards the movement for Black lives and the latest police reforms.

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